Knock Knock, Who’s There? No Knock Warrants Are No Joke

By Clint Rand            The purpose of the no-knock warrant is not to make it easier for police to ambush unsuspecting..

When That Day Comes: Training for the Fight

Retired Phoenix Police Officer, ChristopherHoyer is a protector, survivor and advocate formental, physical and emotional wellness. Aftertwenty-plus years as a..

Training for the Fight

by Christopher Hoyer             What is follow through? It is the act of observing your advisory after being involved in..

Make the Police Great Again

by Clint Rand             What would the police officers who patrolled our cities and neighborhoods in the 1940s think if..

What Do You Mean By Police Slow Down?

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A Letter from RP’s Managing Director

To Our Readers,             As summer begins to come to a close here in the New England area, it’s time..

Law Enforcement Management and Leadership

            “What’s wrong with the FBI?” A question I’ve been asked hundreds of times and, since FBI Director J. Edgar..

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself

            These are the words of Sun Tzu from his 5th century treatise on war and peace, The Art of..

Planning for a Riot

            Memorial Day weekend 1964 marked the start of summer and the world was at relative peace with itself, at..