Defunding and Reimagining the Police


Clint Rand

            The election is over, if not certified, and the rancor has subsided, if not disappeared. Trump rallies and rhetoric are in the rear view mirror and BLM appears to be taking a break from supporting riots, looting and arson. But we can expect the relative peace to be short lived.

            There has been a decline in faith in the police and a lot of stress has been placed on the criminal justice system. Restoring confidence will require:

            1) an examination of the evidence that critics use to justify calling for reimagining and defunding the police.

            2) that law enforcement leaders stand up, be recognized and present convincing strategies to address issues that should be changed. This is a critical step and one that I expect will reveal that there are no leaders and no underlying structure sufficient to support leaders who would stand up for troops in the ranks of law enforcement.

            3) when the chaos returns, and it will return, it will be too late to take advantage of this cease fire to unite the moderate left and the moderate right behind a common goal – to support their police.

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