Cities Replace Riot Control Weapons With White Flags


Clint Rand

            I am doing my best to avoid getting involved in partisan politics in the articles I, or associates, submit to you in Radical Policing. It is nearly an impossible task.

            As the race for President nears an end, American cities are boarding up businesses in preparation for riots, arson and looting after the election. According to the “Wall Street Journal,” November 2, 2020, Philadelphia banned the use of tear gas during riots after police shot and killed a 27 year-old black man wielding a knife. During the ensuing riot, 58 police officers were injured, 18 police and fire vehicles were damaged, there were 443 incidents of looting and 22 ATMs were broken into using explosives.

            In the days that I wore the uniform, riot control units had designated officers who carried 12 gauge shotguns loaded with birdshot to the riots. In the days following the riot we received hundreds of telephone calls from hospitals reporting patients checking in requesting to have tiny lead pellets removed from their lower extremities. We also used grenade launchers to skip-fire long range tear gas projectiles into mobs of arsonists and looters. Also, part of the riot control squad were arrest teams that targeted and arrested riot agitators, looters and arsonists. They were loaded into wagons, transported to jails where they were booked and locked up and eventually they were tried and if convicted they were sentenced. The front passenger’s seat of the paddy wagons were occupied by a shotgun carrying police officer.

            Political intervention in matters of police tactics and strategies was practically unheard of. This was a reflection of our democratic concept that the basic responsibility of control of civil disorder and the maintenance of law and order rested with municipal, county and state police agencies. This concept has been gradually relinquished under subtle pressure from left-leaning government officials, the media and education, including college criminal justice programs. I also feel that more military veterans in the police labor pool and on the job would have recognized and resisted the negative outside influences. Today these left-leaning influencers are no longer only outside the agencies, they’re very much within!  

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