A Letter from RP’s Managing Director

To Our Readers,

            As summer begins to come to a close here in the New England area, it’s time to reflect on what has been a chaotic, violent and dangerous summer for law enforcement and to consider how best to proceed into the future. The riots in the streets of many of our major cities have emboldened our enemies and, at the same time, exposed them for who they are and what they intend. It would be folly, however, to ignore the fact that during the stress of the times there were faults in the armor of law enforcement that were obvious to all who were paying attention.

            Much of the chaos was allowed and, in some cases, created by governors and mayors who are either weak and dumb or smart and devious. But, when the dust settles, an important question will be, “What if the politicians had left the strategies and tactics for crowd and riot control to the agencies of law enforcement, would the outcomes have differed greatly?”

            This question raises additional questions that require answers in the near term. Politicians of all stripes are quick to jump on the opportunity to propose solutions to perceived problems plaguing policing without understanding the history, nature or reality of the situation. It is always better to set your own informed standards before someone with a singular motivation sets them for you.

            Some matters that have been brought to our attention as needing scrutinizing are the following:

  • Crowd and riot control training
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Management and leadership
  • Law enforcement’s authority and responsibilities during crises
  • Use of force, defensive tactics
  • Policing strategies
  • Police academy orientation and curricula

            It is the purpose of www.RadicalPolicng.com to address these issues through our collaboration with active law enforcement professionals, subject matter experts, analysts and criminal justice academics in order to provide unique prospectives that will strengthen your insights into the realm of policing and law enforcement.

            We welcome your comments, suggestions and articles for consideration by our panel.

            Be strong and be safe,

            Clint Rand

            Managing Director

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