Year: 2020

Happy New Year 2021

Clint Rand             For many, 2020 was the Big-Bang that introduced what we might expect in the 21st century. But..

Merry Christmas 2020

Clint Rand There has been an abundance of anxiety in the year almost past and now we have the added..

A Letter from RP’s Managing Director

To Our Readers,             The last time I checked there were 12,092 police departments and 3,155 sheriff’s departments in the..

Defunding and Reimagining the Police

By Clint Rand             The election is over, if not certified, and the rancor has subsided, if not disappeared. Trump..

Cities Replace Riot Control Weapons With White Flags

By Clint Rand             I am doing my best to avoid getting involved in partisan politics in the articles I,..

News Blues Can Use

Clint Rand             Police Can Wear Body Cameras in Joint Ops with Feds This past week DOJ announced that it..

Police Unions and Accountability

By Clint Rand           After the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, police unions have been dragged..

A Letter from RP’s Managing Director

            To Our Readers,             Little has changed since my last administrative update on August 30. While the volume on..

Knock Knock, Who’s There? No Knock Warrants Are No Joke

By Clint Rand            The purpose of the no-knock warrant is not to make it easier for police to ambush unsuspecting..

When That Day Comes: Training for the Fight

Retired Phoenix Police Officer, ChristopherHoyer is a protector, survivor and advocate formental, physical and emotional wellness. Aftertwenty-plus years as a..